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Be it Staff Augmentation, Security, Automation or Networks the Eolas Group can look after your IT needs

The Eolas Group specialises in the provisions of Professional Services to Telco and medium to large Enterprises.
We focus on your business needs and as such remain vendor agnostic to deliver the solution that is a best fit for your organisations individual requirements.


Staff Augmentation

At the Eolas Group we understand that business and project needs require that you may need to scale your workforce for periods of time without the need of hiring permanent staff.

  • Security Cleared Personal
  • Security Clearance Levels
  • Skills
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Security Services

The Eolas Group can deliver the skill-set and technology to help you reduce the cost of securing your network and information environment.

  • Vendor Agnostic
  • Best-fit security solution
  • Security as a managed service
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Network Services

At Eolas Group we understand that each client is different and therefore has different needs, and as such we tailor each solution to our client’s individual requirements.

  • Physical or Virtual Networks
  • Offer ongoing support
  • Responsive
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Network Automation

The Eolas Group can automate, change, monitor and optimise repetitive network and security processes to improve consistency and reduce human error.

  • Process Automation
  • Change Automation
  • Rules Automation
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At the Eolas Group we pride ourselves on being customer focused, agile and responsive and our highly experienced people and solutions will ensure your goals are met.

We believe that every organisation is different and as such deliver solutions, services and products that are best fit for your business.


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